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Committed to Livestock Markets
Cirencester Livestock Market, Cotswold Agricultural Centre, Driffield Road, Cirencester, GL7 5QA

Tel: 01285 869911 (Tues & Thurs Only) or Tel: 01291 680068/01454 269486

Cirencester Livestock Market

Opened on 1st November 2005 and officially opened by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales on 22nd November 2005.  Situated off the A419 Swindon to Gloucester Road on the outskirts of Cirencester, Nr Driffield.   Twice weekly sales, Store Catalogues prepared for weekly sale (Tuesday's), to book stock in contact Chris Voyce (01291 680068), Jon Pullin (01454 269486) or Arthur White.

Facilities include:

  • All under cover pennage
  • Twice Weekly Sales of all classes of livestock
  • Large Car and Lorry Parks
  • Modern Cleansing & Disinfection Facilities
  • Excellent Dirty Water Management
  • Modern Cafe & Toilet Facilities
  • Next Door to Countrywide Store

Organic Store Cattle Sales - Licencesed to sell Organic cattle every Tuesday at Cirencester Market in conjunction with usual store cattle sales (closing dates for entries to the Organic Section must be to the Auctioneers 3 days prior to sale - accompanied with Vendors Trading Schedule and Full list of ear tag numbers). 

TB Restricted Sale of Stores & Beef Cattle - Next Sales - Monday, 26th January 2015.  Vendors need to apply for a tb16b form from DEFRA, Purchasers need to apply for a tb16c form from DEFRA.  Please pre-book.


PIG MOVEMENTS ARE CHANGING AS FROM 1 ST APRIL 2012 YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MOVE PIGS WITH THE TRIPLICATE PIG MOVEMENT LICENCE (AML2) .  The eAML2 is the electronic version of the pig movement licence (AML2) and will replace the current paper form 1 April 2012.

It also combines the AML2 and Food Chain Information (FCI) paper forms that are required when moving pigs to Market or slaughter.  This services is free and you don't need to install any software on your computer.  Producers who have access to a computer and internet can set movements up now using the website.

Producers who have no computer and internet access will be able to get their electronic AML2 set up through the eAML2 Bureau Service (operated by MLCSL), the British Pig Association (BPA) . The eAML2 Bureau Service operates Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. The helpline number is 0844 335 8400.

Cattle - Due to the changes by the Food Standard Agency all our market declaration forms have changed and all cattle (incl Calves, Stores, Fat, Barren) must by law be accommpanied with a completed movement form, please disregard all old style entry forms and ensure new forms are downloaded or requested.

Sheep - Due to the changes by the Food Standard Agency all Sheep for slaughter incuding cull ewes and strong stores will require a signed Food Chain Declaration, new Sheep Licences (AML1 forms) are available from the market office or your local trading standards, which include the food chain declaration.  If using an old Licence then all sheep must by law be accommpanied with a declaration. Changes to Sheep Ear Tag Regulations - New Ear Tagging Regulations come into force on the 1st January 2015 (click here for summary).

Sales Times - Tuesday's

Sale of Rearing Calves, followed by Sale of Weaned Calves

Sale of Store Cattle (Catalogues Prepared - e-mail/fax)

Sale of Organic Store Cattle

Sale of Dairy Cows/Heifers

Sales Times - Thursday's

(All Thursday markets are "Green" markets with a TB exempt section, which means Cattle can come to market without a Pre-Movement TB test)

Sale of Slaughter Sheep (New Ear Tagging Regulations)

Horticultural Produce & Plant Section

(4th Thurs in month - Next Sale 26th February)

Sale of Cull Ewes (New Ear Tagging Regulations)

Sale of Pigs (2nd Thurs in month - Next Sale 12th February - Pig Food Chain Information Form - Click Here)

Sale of Store Sheep (New Ear Tagging Regulations)
Sale of Beef Cattle
        Sale of Barren Cows




Sale of Live Poultry & Equipment (2nd Thurs in month - Next Sale 12th February)

Market Reports Entry Forms (Download & Print)
  December 2014/January   Store Cattle (incl Organic) Form Weaned Calf
  - 16th & 18th December     Cow & Calf
Calf Form
  - 6th & 8th January    
  - 13th & 15th January     Beef Cattle and Under 36 months Form Dairy Form
  - 20th & 22nd January    
        Barren Cow and Over 36 months Form

Thursday Sheep Entry Form

        Monthly Poultry Sale Form

Pig Entry Form & Declaration

        Horticultural Produce & Plant Entry Form    
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