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Auction can be an effective method of selling certain kinds of property but few agencies have the expertise or experience to offer such a service. We are fortunate to have a team of experienced property, livestock and machinery auctioneers.

We regularly sell the following types of property by auction:

  1. houses & cottages requiring renovation
  2. agricultural land & buildings
  3. paddocks
  4. building plots
  5. barns for conversion
  6. development sites
  7. woodland

We offer our services to:

  1. private vendors
  2. solicitors & executors
  3. financial institutions
  4. property developers
  5. property investors
  6. local authorities & public utilities
  7. religious & charitable institutions

Why sell by auction with Voyce Pullin?

  1. no obligation appraisal of your property
  2. experienced Chartered Surveyors and Auctioneers
  3. auctions take place in a competitive environment
  4. unconditional sale on the ‘fall of the hammer’
  5. buyer signs contract at the auction and pays non-refundable deposit
  6. completion normally within 28 days of auction
  7. reserve price protects against low sale
  8. local, national & international advertising
  9. professional & informative sales particulars

Click here for a guide on how to buy at Auction.

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