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The experienced chartered surveyors within Voyce Pullin are able to undertake valuations of a wide spectrum of property for a broad range of purposes including:

Valuations for taxation and legal purposes
Valuations are frequently required for taxation purposes such as Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Similarly valuations are needed for a variety of litigation issues. Our experienced Chartered Surveyors carry out such valuations in accordance with recognised standards and procedures.

Expert witness reports
We have experience of acting as expert witnesses in disputes. We are conversant with the procedures to follow and the duty of care owed.

Valuations for Charitable Trusts
In disposing of an interest, a report must be obtained from a qualified Chartered Surveyor in accordance with the Charities Act 1993. We are able to undertake the preparation of these reports.

Valuations for divorce and partnership purposes
We are experienced in undertaking valuations of property for divorce or transfer purposes.

Insurance Valuations
If you are uncertain as to whether you have adequate insurance cover in place then we can undertake valuations whereby we assess the likely reinstatement cost.

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