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Annual Stocktaking Valuations
Voyce Pullin are able to conduct stocktaking valuations for all types of farming scenarios. With taxation implications being key to all business an accurate end of year assessment, conducted by a qualified valuer is an essential practice on many farms. Please contact a member of our team for further information.

Livestock Valuations
Our team of valuers with weekly market experience are right up to date with all the latest values. We are recommended Valuers for DEFRA and regularly conduct valuations of all classes of livestock for TB, BSE, insurance, notifiable diseases etc. Please contact Jon Pullin or Chris Voyce for further details.

Herd Valuations
On a larger scale we can provide valuations of herds as a whole or on an individual basis.

Machinery Valuations
In conducting a large amount of on-farm machinery dispersals sales we are constantly updating our records on the latest values, we are able to provide valuations of all types of commercial and agricultural machinery for sale, probate, tax, planning or any other purpose

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