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Categories of Assets

The following is an example of the of items we sell, for advice please do not hesitate to contact our Auction Team:

  •  Commercial Vehicles and Trailers
  •  Heavy Plant and Machinery
  •  4x4s, Cars, Quadbikes, Motorcycles and Bikes
  •  Agricultural and Horticultural Machinery
  •  Plants, Shrubs & Nursery Stock & Equipment
  •  Engineering & Manufacturing Machinery
  •  Printing Machinery & Equipment
  •  Woodworking Equipment and Timber
  •  Workshop Tools & Equipment
  •  Catering Equipment
  •  Office Furniture and Computer Equipment
  •  Household Goods and Furniture
  •  Horseboxes and Equestrian Equipment
  •  Vintage and Classic Vehicles
  •  Stock-in-Trade, Wholesale, Retail Equipment and Stock
  •  End of Line Stock
  •  All other classes of commercial, industrial and general chattels





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